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There are so many ways to journal your inspirations.  So here I made a list of suggestions and supplies that have been tried and are favorites.  One can get really bogged down with the amount of “things” you can get.  It can be overwhelming, and kind of exciting.  You have all these ideas and then just don’t know where to start. This article is for the basics that you need to begin. In the next article, I will go over some really neat supplies to advance you in your creativity.

 The first thing you need is a good sketchbook.  I like the wirebound, multi media paper.  Or a good watercolor sketchbook is good too, because of the weight of the paper.  You are going to be using inks, paints, collage, and mediums ( will explain that later), and you need a book that will support those.  Get a sketchbook that is about 8 x 10.  This is a good size to start.  Smaller books are good for travel or carrying around every day and sketching thoughts.  Larger books can get to be overwhelming if you are new to this.  

Now you have to be able to prepare the pages.  While you can paint, write, collage right on the page, sometimes you need to give the paper a little help.  Gesso will become your best friend.  There are so many ways to apply this product, and it never gets stale.  You can apply gesso to anything that you want to paint--boards, craftwoods, paper, matboard, furniture, anything you need to prepare the surface for you paint. You will also use it to glue pages together for a firmer surface to journal. Use a brush or old credit card, or you can cut up matboard.  Later we will learn how to add to gesso to make rough surfaces, textured preparations, etc.

The same goes for Mod Podge.  Get a jar. It never goes bad, and you will use it for all of your collage work. Part 2 article we can go over gel mediums ( there's that word again!) as a solution to your collages. You will apply Mod Podge with a brush.  I keep a brush that I don't use for anything else but Mod Podge.  It washes out with water.

Discover the Joy of Art Journaling with this new fun, lighthearted class offered at two locations.

September 20- October 8, Tuesdays eves 6:30 pm at Owen J Roberts Middle School

Friday mornings, October 7 - 28, 10:00 am at the Creutzburg Center, Radnor, PA.

This fun, lighthearted class will teach you how to keep an art journal documenting events, thoughts, and inspirations using several different themes, creative techniques and mediums including paint, collage, calligraphy and clippings. Guidance will be offered on designing your cover, organizing your thoughts into a creative process, using the power of color and how to choose and use appropriate materials. Bring a journal with you.

Paint Your Pony Class

Paint Your Pet
Paint Your Pony

Host a painting night at your stable with all supplies for a painting party.  Work from a photograph and creative a beautiful portrait of your horse.  For Pony Club and 4H clubs, 10% of the proceeds are donated back to your club.  All students are entered in a drawing for a free framing of their art!  $35 per person, all materials are included.  We can also have a Paint Your Pet, and you can create a portrait of your dog or cat!  Contact Bridget at 484-269-9750

One lucky person
gets their art
framed for free!!
Drawing at each

Sign up by phone: 610-286-7454 or 484-269-9750
Email: Email Bridget

Local Artist Offering Painting Classes


Gogh Ahead….

Join in on a fun evening, creating, painting, relaxing! 2nd Monday of each month, create a new painting! Enjoy new people and have fun ! 6 to 8 pm
Everyone is invited, bring a friend, BYOB, or bring a snack to enjoy. ALL supplies are included. Instruction, guidance, and tips, while you paint a chosen subject for the evening. $35 per person

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